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Terms & Conditions For The Holi Music Festival

Website operator: T Studio SIA

Legal Adress: Rīga, Lutriņu 7, LV-1002

Reg. No.: 40203074273


Name: SIA ‘’T STUDIO’’

VAT. Nr. LV40203074273

Legal Adress: Rīga, Lutriņu 7, LV-1002


With the ticket purchase, the ticket buyer and T-Studio become contractual partners.


The following General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply in the relationship between the festival visitors (hereinafter referred to as "visitors") and  (hereinafter referred to as the "organizer").


A contract is concluded either by the purchase of a ticket or - if there is an entry without a ticket purchase - by entering the event site, as well as the purchase contracts for the color powder.



1.1. Start of the event: 15:00

End of the event: 23:00. Color countdown: First countdown at 16:00 – then every hour until the last countdown at 23.00.


1.2. Essential program contents of the event are the stage program as well as the hourly joint color throw.



2.1. With the ticket purchase, the ticket buyer and SIA ‘’T STUDIO’’ become contractual partners.

Admission to the Holi Music Festival is limited and only available online via our ticket partners e.g. Bilesu Serviss or on our website. The remaining tickets will be available at the box office during the event. However, the organizer recommends purchasing the ticket in advance due to the high demand.


2.2. It is generally prohibited to resell a ticket that has already been purchased commercially. The tickets may also not be sold privately at a price higher than the printed ticket price plus proven fees. Any use for raffle purposes and/or for the implementation of competitions is also prohibited without the prior express written consent of the organizer. A violation will result in the loss of the right to enter without compensation.


2.3. If the ticket is lost, there will be no replacement. Once tickets are sold they will not be refunded unless the event is cancelled by the organizers. 

2.4. If you have received a free ticket either from the organizers or official partners or you have paid zero value for a ticket, then you will not be entitled to any complimentary colors. However, you can always purchase free colors inside the festival premises. Complimentary colors are included only with paid tickets and the quantities of colors can be changed or denied by the organizers depending on the availability of colors.  



3.1. Admission to the concert is only possible with a valid ticket. The ticket must be shown at the entrance. Furthermore, identification is mandatory.


3.2. At the entrance to the festival, a security check will be carried out by the organizers or the security service on-site for reasons of security and general order as well as waste avoidance. The security service is instructed to carry out a body and bag search of the festival visitors. The person requesting admission agrees to this verification. If she fails to do so, she may be denied entry. In this case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the ticket costs.


3.4. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to the festival if the festival visitor gives reason to do so for a good cause. An important reason is in particular an obvious heavily intoxicated state of the visitor, obviously inhumane, racist, homophobic clothing, as well as dangerous objects (e.g. weapons, pyrotechnics, torches, intoxicants and other dangerous objects). Good cause shall also be deemed to be the unauthorised carrying of recording devices for sound/video recordings (listed in detail under Section 9). Admission may also be denied if the age limit for admission is violated (in case of doubt, an age check may take place).


3.4. In the event of non-admission despite the ticket, the concertgoer has the right to a refund of the ticket price, unless there is an important reason (in particular the aforementioned reasons) for refusing admission. In this case, a return of the ticket/refund of the ticket price is not possible. Any further claim for damages is excluded unless the organizer acts intentionally or grossly negligently.


3.5. The organizer does not assume any contractual obligations to conduct such supervision by admitting persons who require supervision due to their mental or physical condition. This applies both to the person in need of supervision and to persons subject to supervision as well as other visitors.


3.6. The ticket loses its validity when leaving the event area and does not entitle the holder to re-entry.


3.7. At the exit from the festival, for reasons of safety and order as well as the prevention of the color powder and drinks leaving the premises, there will be a security check by the security service on site. The security service is instructed to carry out a body and bag search of the festival visitors. The person requesting the outlet agrees to this verification.


3.8. Backpacks are not permitted. Only small bags and sports bags up to an A4 format are allowed. It is not permitted to bring food and drinks onto the premises.



4.1. The event will take place in any weather, as long as the organizer can take responsibility for the circumstances of the weather. If there is a risk to the body and health due to the weather conditions, the event can be cancelled or - after the start - interrupted. 


4.2. If the festival is cancelled before the start without an alternative date being announced within one week, festival visitors are entitled to a refund of the ticket price. In this case, the non-validated ticket(s) must be sent by post with clearly legible writing to SIA ‘’T STUDIO’, stating a bank account for the refund up to 10 days after the event.

There is no entitlement to reimbursement of the advance booking fee, ticket fee or any further damages unless the organizer is responsible for the cancellation.

4.3. Should the concert have to be terminated after the start for reasons of force majeure (in particular due to weather conditions), official orders, lack of official permits, or court decisions, festival visitors are entitled to the following reimbursement of the ticket price:

up to 4 hours 0% of the entrance fee from 4 to 6 hours 50% of the entrance fee.


4.4. The organizer reserves the right to postpone the event in terms of location and/or date, insofar as the implementation is impossible or unreasonable and at the same time the postponement is reasonable for the visitor.


(a) relocation: within the same city or at least within a neighbouring town


b) Postponement: next day, or if the obstructive circumstances (in particular weather conditions) still persist for up to 8 weeks, provided that the event space should continue to be available.


The postponement will be announced by the organizer immediately via its website and, if possible, also via the daily press, radio and Facebook presence. Before major expenses for the visit, it is strongly recommended to consult the organiser's website.


4.5. Delays in the program are to be accepted by the festival visitor, as long as they do not exceed 1 hour.


4.6. In the case of festivals, changes to the programme may occur. In the event of the cancellation of individual artists, the organizer will endeavour to find appropriate compensation, the visitor has no claims for the cancellation of individual artists.


4.7. Changes will be announced by the organizer as soon as possible.



5.1. The colour powder can be purchased with limited availability for a fee of €2 per bag on the festival grounds.

We expressly ask you to use the powder only for the common countdowns!


5.2. The organizer is not aware of any adverse effects on health and the environment caused by the color powder. Nevertheless, the organizer takes the following safety measures as a precautionary measure:


a. Festival-goers are not allowed to bring their own paint powder. It is only the uniform color powder according to para. 5.1. permitted on the event site of which the safety-relevant event participants and licensing authorities are aware of the composition.

b. Festival-goers with respiratory diseases (especially asthmatic) are advised not to attend the concert.

c. Festival-goers with contact lenses are advised not to wear them at the event.

d. To protect the eyes, it is recommended to wear swimming goggles during the paint cast.


To protect the respiratory tract and lungs, it is recommended to put on a face mask during the paint throw.

e. In rare cases, the color powder can cause allergies and lead to irritation of the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. The eyes should then be rinsed with clear water as soon as possible. The paramedics on the site provide direct support here. These can be found evenly distributed in the areas marked as medical tents on the site.


The security measures can be updated and supplemented by the organizer at any time (festival visitors can find updates and additions under

The participant takes full responsibility for their own health during the festival.


5.3. Electronic and other sensitive devices such as cameras, etc. can be damaged or destroyed by the color powder. The organizer, therefore, recommends that you do not bring them onto the site or protect them appropriately. In any case, the organizer is not liable for any damage or destruction of these items. Liability in the event of intent and gross negligence on the part of the organizer remains unaffected.


5.4 . Participants are advised to wear older or no longer used clothes during the event, as it is possible that colored or white laundry will not be as radiant after the wash cycle, despite its solubility in water and easy washability. The organizer assumes no liability if the color powder does not dissolve without residue from clothing, bags, hair, etc. can be removed by washing or cleaning. The visitor waives all resulting claims against the organizer.


5.5 In rare cases, the dye used in the powder may adhere to bleached, treated or pre-damaged hair. If someone finds color residues in their hair, it is not a coloring, but small color particles that still adhere to the hair and fall off after repeated washing with normal shampoo. Hair treatments should be avoided in this case.



We would like to point out that there is a risk of possible damage to health, especially hearing impairment, at the festival due to increased volume. It is generally recommended to use earplugs. Attendance at the event is therefore at your own risk. Liability on the part of the organiser for hearing damage due to a lack of precautionary measures is excluded, unless the organiser acts with gross negligence or intent or has not fulfilled his duty to ensure road safety.



7.1. On the entire festival grounds, the domiciliary right is exercised by the organizer or by the persons commissioned by him. The security personnel must be followed immediately.


7.2. The music festival visitor is prohibited from commercial activities (in particular sales, and advertising) on the festival grounds unless they have been agreed in writing with the organizer in advance.


Pogging, stage diving, crowd surfing and climbing on stages, trusses, tents, grandstands or the like as well as bringing animals is prohibited.


7.3. If a festival visitor negligently or intentionally violates the bid described in clause 7.1 (sentence 2) and/or one or more of the prohibitions listed in clause 7.2 and/or one or more of the prohibitions listed in clause 2.2 and/or one or more of the regulations listed in clause 3.1 on the minimum age of festival participants and/or against one or more of the regulations on admission described in clause 3.2 and/or against one or more of the regulations described in clause 3.3 for against the prohibition listed in clause 5.2.a and/or• against the prohibition listed in clause 8.2 and/or• against one or more of the prohibitions listed in clause 9.2 and/or

• against the prohibition listed in clause 9.3 (sentence 1)

violate, an expulsion from the festival site may be made. In such a case of reprimand on the basis of clause 7.3 sentences 1, a refund of the ticket price as well as a claim for damages resulting from the reprimand from the festival site are excluded, unless the organizer or his representatives / vicarious agents act grossly negligent or intently. The organizer shall be liable without limitation for damages resulting from the expulsion from the festival site (on the basis of section 7.3 sentence 1) resulting from injury to life, limb or health, which are based on a negligent breach of duty by the organizer or an intentional or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of the organizer. Furthermore, the organizer is liable without limitation in accordance with the statutory provisions for damages resulting from the expulsion from the festival site (on the basis of section 7.3 sentence 1), which are based on the breach of such obligations, the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract concluded with the festival visitor, the breach of which jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract and on the observance of which the festival visitor regularly relies (essential Contractual Obligations / Cardinal Obligations) upon. Claims under the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.



8.1. Drinks will be served in plastic cups on the festival site. Meals are served in disposable plastic or cardboard dishes. Please think of the environment and dispose of the outer packaging and other waste in the containers provided.


8.2. Plastic bottles, canisters, glass containers of any kind, PET bottles, cans and/or other drinking containers, hard packaging and cool bags are strictly prohibited unless the person concerned needs to carry them for health or medical reasons.


8.3. When purchasing food and drinks, contractual relationships exist exclusively with the respective restaurateur.



9.1. Photography on the festival site is only permitted with cell phones with camera functions and only for private use. If other photo or video equipment is to be used exclusively for private purposes, this must be reported and registered in advance at, stating the exact equipment designation and the intended use of the material. Only after written approval by T Studio SIA may it then be used at the festival. For the sake of clarity, it is pointed out that recordings in particular may not be posted online.


9.2. Cameras with zoom lenses, interchangeable objects and/or video functions, and recording devices (MP3/MP4 recorders, dictaphones, etc.) of any kind are prohibited. The organizer can deny the visitor entry if the visitor is not willing to leave the unauthorized devices behind


Likewise, recordings and/or recordings made without the explicit permission of the organizer and/or an artist are prohibited. The organizer is entitled to delete illegally produced recordings or to have them deleted. Any publication of such recordings will be prosecuted.


9.3. Any use of image and sound recordings for commercial purposes is not permitted without the prior written consent of the organizer. A contractual penalty of € 2,500 is forfeited for each case of infringement. We reserve the right to assert claims for further damage.



10.1. The organizer does not provide a cloakroom or other storage facilities.

10.2. Otherwise, the organizer is liable without limitation for damage to life, body and health for which he or his vicarious agents are responsible. The same applies to other damage incurred by the visitor as a result of an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the organizer. The organizer is also liable for contract-typical damage incurred by the visitor as a result of a material breach of contract (so-called "cardinal obligations") if he is only guilty of slight negligence. Otherwise, liability for slight negligence is excluded. A material breach of contract in the aforementioned sense is one whose fulfilment is essential for the proper execution of the contract and on whose observance the visitor can rely.


10.3. Insofar as the visitor's claims from the use of the powdered paint are concerned, contractual and legal claims exist exclusively against the powdered paint seller, which is set out in Section 5.1



By entering the festival grounds, the music festival visitor irrevocably agrees that photos and image/sound recordings will be made during the concert, which may be used free of charge for reporting and future advertising of the festival in all media. He also agrees that this material may be used for sponsorship acquisition. The consent applies only to


casual or incidental recordings of the visitors during the event recording / the event recordings.



The organizer and website operator" stores and processes the data provided by the ticket buyer for the purposes of mutual fulfilment of the contract and marketing.

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